Joseph Pilates:  A Biography by Eva Rincke Recounts the life story of the man behind the Pilates method.

I started Pilates with Nichole at the beginning of the year. I have NOT been disappointed. I’m amazed at how much stronger my core and weak back have become. I’m more aware of my posture and my breathing. Nichole is a knowledgeable, dedicated teacher who constantly offers praise and technique corrections for maximum benefit. – Sandra A

Keeping Clients Motivated Many times in my early years as a student of Pilates, I felt frustrated with my body’s ability to progress as fast as I would like. I didn’t want to fight my tight hip flexors in Teaser. I didn’t want to struggle with my poor coordination while doing Backstroke. Why couldn’t I just DO it??


My name is Nichole L’vov and I am a Second Generation Master Pilates instructor, certified by Lolita San Miguel, the last living Pilates elder to certify instructors.  I completed her Pilates Master Mentor Program in August of 2015.   It is equivalent to getting a Master’s Degree in Pilates. Learning every Pilates exercise from mat through all of apparatus from someone who was taught directly by Joseph Pilates is a profound experience. I have practiced Pilates for 16 years and have been teaching for 11 years.  I hold certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute in NYC for teaching both Mat and Standing Pilates as well as on all Pilates apparatus.  I am also PMA certified – a central certification that assures quality Pilates teaching.  I hold many additional certificates in subjects such as Post Breast Cancer Pilates, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Elder Pilates and Standing Pilates.

Joseph Pilates: A Biography

Recounts the life story of the man behind the Pilates method.With archival research in Joe’s homeland of Germany and countless interviews and investigation. This illustrative biography lets the reader experience what it was like to be a student in Joe’s studio and how his influence has, fifty years later, molded the next generation of the Pilates Method.  Special Price $29.99 Order Now