“Nichole is an “excellent” instructor. I take bi-weekly private Pilates sessions with Nichole and find her extremely knowledgeable, kind, encouraging and passionate about her work. She is extremely conscious of form and is always making sure you get the most out of your workout. I love that she continuously adds new techniques and classes to her studio. “Awesome Instructor” – thank you Nichole.
– Robin P.

“I have been taking private lessons and mat classes with Nichole for almost two years. When I started, I was recovering from shoulder and ankle injuries and a bone density scan showed that I was borderline for osteoporosis. Now, my joints feel great and I am stronger and more flexible than ever. A recent bone density scan indicated a significant improvement that took me out of the osteoporosis range. I have even gained half an inch in height! I owe this all to Pilates, and especially to Nichole. She is a fabulous instructor who truly cares about her clients.”
– Gina G.

“Nichole and Pilates have changed my life in so many ways! I had belonged to fitness centers in the past that offered Pilates, but felt too intimidated to try it. Nichole made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the very start. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she has a method of teaching that gives you the confidence in yourself to do exercises you never thought your body capable of! She is a perfectionist who continually teaches you to perform the exercises correctly to get the best results. She never makes you try something unless you are ready both phycially and mentally. I have been taking private and mat classes with Nichole for over a year now and can feel my body and mind change for the better in ways that no other fitness regimen has. I feel stronger, more toned, my waist is flatter, and my posture has noticeably improved. What is really exciting, is that the results are ongoing. I would not hesitate to recommend Nichole to anyone!”
–Testimonial from one of Nichole’s clients

“Nichole has the soul of a teacher and is absolutely lovely to work with. She immediately creates a warm, caring environment where doing Pilates is fun “work.” An hour goes by in a snap. I always leave feeling taller, in both body and spirit! Ever mindful of proper alignment and what works for each client, she consistently and easily adapts any exercise to suit the need of her client. Her group classes are never without personal attention and boy does she give care to details. Each session she builds on what was accomplished during the last session while always adding variety and fun props for you to get the most out of the your Pilates workout! During privates she is also meticulous to your needs. In the several months I have worked with Nichole, I have already seen satisfying results. Her manner is fluid, personable and refreshing, as she teaches core strength not just in the form of Pilates but in ways that resonate in other areas of your life.”
–Rochelle Blank-Zimmer Health Coach & Green Lifestyle Writer