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Introducing our newest teacher- Debra Wieghaus!  Debra is fully certified from Power Pilates and has more than 10 years of teaching experience.  She enjoys working with older clients, those with physical limitations such as spinal problems and clients of all levels of experience.

One to One Lessons

One to one lessons are the best way to learn the Pilates way of exercising.  It is a safe and effective way to correct poor posture, tone and stretch muscles and strengthen the whole body.  One to one lessons utilize all Pilates equipment which includes the reformer, trapeze table, ladder barrel, Wunda chair, spine corrector and Ped-a-pull.  This equipment helps the client find balance and unity in movement.  The instructor is there to guide and correct movement for an optimum and efficient workout.

One to One and Group Apparatus Lessons Available

Mondays- By appointment only

Tuesdays- 9am -2pm

Wednesdays- 9am-4pm

Thursdays- 9am -12 pm

Fridays- 10am-2 pm

Saturdays – By appointment only

Private lessons:
Owner/Master Instructor: $100 per hour (5 for $480 or 10 for $900)

Senior Instructor (Debra): $90 per hour
Package of 5:  $420
Package of 10:  $800
Package of 20:  $1550

Instructor (Randie):  $80 per hour (5 for $380 or 10 for $750)

Group Apparatus Lessons (max 5 per group):

Experience the apparatus work in a group setting- using reformer, tower, chair or spine corrector
$55 per person (prepaid 1 week in advance only- no drop in)
$500 for 10 sessions

All participants must commit to a particular time each week and be of similar level as determined by teacher.  Less than 24 hour cancellation, you will forfeit the session.  If more than 24 hours notice of cancellation for group apparatus lessons leaves only one participant, that person has the option to pay the difference for a private lesson. Group apparatus lessons will go on as planned if at least two participants attend.


Pilates mat classes are an affordable way to experience Pilates.  The fundamentals of Pilates are emphasized in mat classes along with efficient breathing, flow, fluidity and muscle engagement. You will feel relaxed, invigorated and more in tune with your body when you leave!  Our mat classes are unique because we restrict enrollment to just ten participants, thereby ensuring you get sufficent individual attention.

Booty Barre is a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet Barre work and cardio.  It’s a full body, heart pumping workout to music that is fun and effective.

Pilates Mat or Booty Barre:

$20 per 1 hour class
Package of 10:  $170 (interchangeable for mat and Booty Barre)
Mat Class Packages expire 11 weeks from purchase date.

Group Reformer Classes

1 hour – limited to 5 participants-
$40 per person (prepaid more than 24 hours in advance)
$45 drop in (if space is available)

All packages are non-refundable. Private packages expire 6 monthes from date of purchase.   24-hours notice of cancellation is required even for those paying per class. You will be charged for all late-cancelled sessions.

Other Featured Modalities:

The Soma System– a self-bodywork practice performed in a group setting.  Using various tools such as small balls and rollers, you will target trigger points, fascial restriction and dehydration, work on those areas and release the tension.  It is a great practice for all ages and fitness levels.  See class schedule for Soma System classes and various workshops offered throughout the year.

The MELT Method – a new modality that helps to relieve chronic pain and illness in the body.  Using various size and shaped balls, the feet and hands are stimulated to encourage rebalancing of the connective tissue of the body.  It’s a great method for anyone who feels tight, tired or just unwell!  Look for our MELT workshops in the coming months.
Call for workshop times or for a private lesson!

Things to Consider:

Please wear comfortable, snug fitting clothing in which your arms and legs freely move.  Shoes are not required and socks are optional.

Client profile and waiver must be on file before starting classes.  Some medical conditions may require a doctor’s certificate before beginning with Inner Strength Pilates.