Welcome to Inner Strength Pilates.

My name is Nichole L’vov and I am a Second Generation Master Pilates instructor, certified by Lolita San Miguel, the last living Pilates elder to certify instructors.  I completed her Pilates Master Mentor Program in August of 2015.   It is equivalent to getting a Master’s Degree in Pilates. Learning every Pilates exercise from mat through all of apparatus from someone who was taught directly by Joseph Pilates is a profound experience. I have practiced Pilates for 15 years and have been teaching for 11 years.  I hold certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute in NYC for teaching both Mat and Standing Pilates as well as on all Pilates apparatus.  I am also PMA certified – a central certification that assures quality Pilates teaching.  I hold many additional certificates in subjects such as Post Breast Cancer Pilates, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Elder Pilates and Standing Pilates.  I attend fitness conferences yearly and pursue additional continuing education as often as I can. I have also been lucky enough to have training with Mary Bowen, one of the last living students (or “Elders” as they are called) of Joseph Pilates himself. She is still teaching Pilates at 87 years young. I had a two-day intensive private lesson with her.  She imparted so many wise and wonderful gems about Pilates and life. I also am pursuing my certificate from The Center for Women’s Fitness as a Women’s fitness specialist. I have completed the Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program as well as Pilates for menopause workshop on both mat and equipment.

I originally tried Pilates because I had heard it helped people with scoliosis.  I have suffered from lower back and hip pain for years and thought perhaps Pilates could relieve my symptoms.  The very first private lesson I took, I realized I’d found a new passion.  Wow!  Pilates was truly a thunderbolt of awakening for me.  Not only did I relieve my pain but I found a newfound awareness of my body and mind.  I gained better balance (always a problem for me in the past), focus, coordination, muscle tone and body awareness.  I began to notice when I wasn’t standing up straight or if I was lifting something without using my “core”.  These little awarenesses compounded until I had truly become a different person both inside and out.  Although I had always felt physically awkward and uncoordinated, through Pilates my confidence soared.  Each time I mastered another move on the reformer or the Wunda chair, I became giddy with excitement.  Who knew exercise could be so much fun? Pilates is so much more than getting a flat stomach, it is truly a way to find out who you really are.  I am so excited and humbled that now I can help others find this awareness and begin their own path toward finding “inner strength”.  Please take a moment to explore this site and do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like to find out how Pilates can help you.

If you are looking for a cardio workout, you might want to try a Booty Barre group fitness class.  I am certified by Booty Barre and have the honor of being chosen by Tracy Mallett, the founder of Booty Barre to become a Master Trainer for her teacher training program.  I  lead training workshops all along the East Coast.  I enjoy the blend of Pilates, ballet, yoga and cardio fitness that Booty Barre can bring to a workout.  Please go to my Mindbody site to see class times!

I am also a certified MELT® hand and foot instructor.  The MELT Method is a self guided therapy that uses various sized and density balls to stimulate the neurofascial system in the hands and feet which promotes well being, reduces inflammation and muscle tension as well as creates better digestion, sleep and immunity in those who practice it.  I conduct workshops where I show you how to do the MELT method on your hands and feet.  Afterwards, you are your therapist, working to unlock good health in your body.  Look at my calendar for upcoming workshops.

If you suffer from muscle tension and trigger points, muscle misalignment or chronic pain and injuries, you might like to try the soma system® -a new method of self-therapy that is conducted in a group setting.  Using various tools, you will follow a specific map of the body as you unlock tension, reblance and realign your muscles and find a new level of calm and well-being.  It is a great compliment to Pilates as releasing tension in the body frees us up to perform Pilates without pain or restriction.  Email for more information.

I hope to see you soon at the studio!